Graphic design for science and technology

We are experts in finding communication solutions for science and technology related projects. Be it the creation of a logo, the brand strategy of a company, or the communication of an event, we always seek for the most appropriate way of conveying value and clarity.

We listen, and listen, and listen. Then we design.

We believe that the most important thing when designing for a client is to accurately understand the objectives, needs and context of each project. It is only with a deep understanding of these points that we can provide a suitable solution that can generate value to the project and communicate its key concepts clearly.

We can help you with

Brand strategy

Successful companies attract, intrigue, and convince their audiences through consistent messaging of key ideas. In order to achieve that, we identify communication opportunities by analysing your project in the context of its business and cultural environments. These opportunities are translated into visual and verbal strategies composed by creative building blocks such as symbols, colours, typography, messages and imagery. 


Logo design

A good logo must be appropriate to the field to which it belongs, be distinctive and memorable, and must be simple enough to be easily reproduced in any medium. Finding the right balance between these features requires in-depth analysis, a careful and detailed look at each project.


Web design

Your web page is your connection to the world. It should not only describe your project, company or product clearly, but do it in a way that will lead your audience to take action, be it contacting you, buying a product or leaving some information. And all this in tune with your brand identity.



Communicating your product or event strategically is key to attract the right audience and inverstors. Whether through printed (banners, brochures, etc) or digital (pitch presentations, website, social networks) elements, a communication strategy is essential in any project and must be effective, direct, clear and designed for each occasion.


We don't have clients.
We have partners.


Brilliant, effective, sharp, fast, and a pleasure to work with!

Silvia Carrasco

KTT director at ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences (Spain)


Bitflow’s scientific background, combined with their fantastic design skills and creativity, make them unique.

Sabrina Maniscalco

Prof. of Univ. Helsinki and Aalto Univ.  / Director at Algorithmiq (Finland)


We are pleased with the results, the good communication, helpful advice and documented instructions for basic maintenance of the website. We appreciate that, by having a scientific background, Bitflow understood our motivation and the mindset of our target audience. 

Felipe Herrera

Prof. at Univ. Santiago / Director at MIRO, Millennium Institute for Research in Optics (Chile)


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