From science to design,
and back.

Bitflow is a design studio dedicated to offer communication and brand solutions for projects related to science and technology.

Whether in the creation of a logo, the branding strategy of a company or the dissemination of an event, we always look for ways to convey key values to the right audience, generating engagement, trust and excitement.

Bitflow was founded by Daniel Cavalcanti, physicist and graphic designer. Daniel worked as a researcher for more than 15 years before moving into his other passion, design. After working several years as a freelancer, Daniel created Bitflow with the goal of taking the dialogue between design and science to the next level.

The combination of a scientific DNA with strong design capabilities is what makes Bitflow unique: by having accurate assessments of the needs and objectives of each project, we can offer creative solutions based on solid strategic decisions.



Piquer 23, Barcelona | Spain