The importance of involving decision makers in the design process


Finding the right balance between a company's goals and the needs of its customer can be tricky when designing any kind of communication material. The best way to find this balance? Involve the business owner or decision makers in the design process to ensure that all business objectives are met in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. Here's how we at Bitflow Studio approach the dialogue with our clients to create effective designs.

1. Understanding the goals behind customer requests

It is very important for us to have a clear understanding of the project's business or communication goals and objectives before we think of any design ideas. After all, they hired us for one simple reason - so that we can help them move their company in the right direction. Only by clearly understanding our client's goals and vision will we be able to come up with design solutions that will be effective, sustainable and profitable.

2. Design solutions aligned with our client's objectives

After clearly understanding the objectives behind the client's requests, it is time to propose design solutions. Meetings with decision makers are key to ensure that each proposal aligns with their expectations. And if not, to understand where we have failed and how to work on new concepts until we reach a point where both parties agree on a single direction. This goes beyond simply creating pretty images; instead, we seek to design ideas that our clients are confident will work.

3. Building trust through open dialog

It may sound cliché, but we see our clients as our partners. In the end, we have the same goal: to find a bold design solution that propels the company in the right direction. Only with a clear understanding from all parties about each party's expectations and interests can we avoid misinterpretations and costly confusion. Thus, maintaining an open and honest dialog during the design process is key. This is why we ask our clients to actively participate from day one. That way they will feel more involved in the project solution!

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