+Talks 2. The future was here.


In the second +Talks series we had the pleasure to host Dr. Débora Lanzeni, researcher of the Emerging Technologies Research Lab at the Monash University (Australia). Debora is an anthropologist whose work is focused on building a common ground for interdisciplinary tech studies. Her research lies on the intersection of technology, anthropology, design, digital ethnography and future studies. Debora's interests are focused on the development of emerging technologies and future imaginaries, as well as work regimes and new digital technologies


Predicting the future is not the same as anticipating it.

— Debora Lanzeni

In her talk Debora gave us very interesting insights on how our imaginaries influences how the current technologies are developed. On the other hand, current technologies makes us think how our future will be, which change our imagineries. Among many topics, we discussed ethics in the tech industry, how our prejudices are incorporated in the technologies we are developing, how to avoid getting stuck in old methodologies, and hope.

Thank you Debora!!


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