July 8, 2021





July 8, 2021

Logos for Startups

My clients in the technology sector often ask me for a logo at the early stage of startup creation. After creating the company, the next step is usually to create a logo, because it is  needed for embryonic strategic actions, such as to present the company to possible investors, to participate in network events or to add it to  a pitch presentation. Once the company is consolidated, the logo will also be necessary in the webpage, social media and business card or letter heads. Without a logo the company has many difficulties to communicate and to present itself to investors, for example. 

What does an effective logo look like for the science and technology sector? It is definitely not about being pretty or literal. Much more than that, the logo must identify the company's sector and convey its key values and ideas to a specific audience. Does it seem too much for a simple symbol? How can we achieve it? 

As I have commented in previous posts, to create a compelling logo it is essential to deeply understand the company's purpose and goals, the market needs, the competition landscape, the target audience and how they make their choices., and the competition landscape. A logo must not only be visually appealing, but must also strategically communicate values in the right direction, to the right people. As a side comment, iIt is worth to note that the logo is part of a bigger visual framework called the identity system (or visual identity), which is itself part of a broader framework called brand strategy. I will talk about this soon! 

On the technical side, You also need to pay attention to the details, a logo must be able to adapt to different situations: print or digital, small and big sizes, different backgrounds and different print conditions. From a strategic point of view, And above all, a logo must express concepts and values, instead of being focused on products or services. For example, a logo can convey the ideas of "security" or "flexibility" , rather than "cryptocurrency" or "laser technology" – think of what the Nike logo is about. In this way, the logo presents the core of your company, which helps you attract ideal investors and further to get the ideal customer. This is why it is so important to sStart your business with a thoughtful logo. 


All right, logos can convey the goals and values of a company. But what are your goals and values? Often these aspects of the company are not yet well defined, or at least not very much detailed and analysed. In this case, the role of a good brand strategist is precisely to define these characteristics and help the company to understand how to transmit these concepts to their target audience, being it the final costumers of possible investors. When such a branding process is carried early in the company’s life, all the rest happens smoothly, including the development of an effective communication strategy which can involve the visual identity (including the logo design) and the verbal identity (taglines, messages, campaigns, etc) of the company. When we can together, entrepreneurs and designers, define precise objectives, public, product/service, and values, we achieve higher success rates, hence the importance of getting a good logo and a good communication strategy. The investment in the company's brand strategy and visual identity is the crucial key to a good market positioning.


Let us show three examples of logos we have created for technology companies at the early stage of their businesses (they were spinoffs looking for investors to grow their businesses).

Lumidian is a technology startup exploring disruptive technology solutions in the dermo-cosmetic sector. . They developed a new hair-removal (epillation) method that is cheaper, more effective, and less painful than the traditional ones. Our strategy was to focus on the concepts of technology and efficiency in the beauty sector. Its logo illustrates two hair filaments forming a capital letter L (from Lumidian). The thin form and colors of the symbol convey Lumidian's core values of precision and innovation, while the bold all-cap  typeface transmits the idea of solidity and trust

Droplite is a startup company developing new technologies to test and monitor health conditions in both humans and animals in-site, rapidly and accurately. Their main product is a handful device that can quickly detect and quantify the concentration of substances from a drop of capillary blood.Droplite’s symbol illustrates the main operation mode of their device (a drop of blood being placed on a compact device)  within a shape that, due to its boldness and sharpness, conveys the company's key values of trust and precision.Luxquanta develops quantum cryptography solutions to secure digital data against the threat of quantum computers and increased computational capabilities. Their products make use of state-of-the-art photonic technology that can be integrated into optical networks and secure data of companies and institutions. Their logo expresses the idea of “photonic manipulation in a safe environment” and alludes to an electromagnetic wave hitting a mirror inside a circle, which also creates the letter L.


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