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Algorithmiq is a quantum startup that develops advanced quantum algorithms to solve complex problems in life sciences. Its mission is to revolutionize the life science industry, exploring the potential of quantum computing to solve currently inaccessible problems.

Bitflow has developed a brand strategy and visual identity framework for Algorithmiq that reflects its vision and commitment to quantum computing. Our collaboration encompassed branding, verbal communication, webdesign, as well as a comprehensive visual language including a new logo, typography, graphics and color palette.

On the visual side, we used a quantum computer to achieve a unique graphic language that, taken to an extreme, would be impossible to produce on normal computers.

This visual identity, is accompained by a set of messages that highlight the idea that quantum computers need good algorithms to be useful, shifting the conversation from hardware to software on quantum computing.

We also developed the slogan – Bringing Quantum to Life – that expresses both the idea of ​​making quantum computing happen and of applying it in the field of Life Sciences.


We also created a series of messages to highlight the idea that quantum computers need good algorithms to be useful, moving the conversation from hardware to software.


Our methodology followed the steps used in quantum computation:  We first run an algorithm in a quantum computer. The obtained results were then fed into a new code that translated them into drawings. 

The quantum algorithm we chose computes the lowest energy configuration of the H2O molecule, and was inspired by the company's mission of solving life-related problems.


We use Reckless as the main corporate font because of the unusual shapes of some alternative letters, which creates a sense of duality between organic and technological. This fits well with the company's approach to using quantum computers to improve life.


We turned to Bitflow for curating the brand strategy, visual identity and website of our startup Algorithmiq, because Daniel has a unique combination of experience  in quantum physics, research and creativity. The result has been impressive!  In a series of meetings Daniel helped us identify our communicative strategy and finally proposed that our visual identity should be achieved through the use of quantum computers! Needless to say, we loved the idea and had a lot of fun turning the outcomes of our algorithms into drawings. We believe that the result is an extremely powerful and unique visual language that will help us convey our vision and mission effectively.

Matteo Rossi

CTO and co-founder at Algorithmiq


Piquer 23, Barcelona | Spain