From few to many

Poster design / Graphic design / Event communication / Science dissemination

From Few to Many is a scientific event that brings together world-class scientists to discuss atomic physics at different scales – from systems composed by few atoms to bigger and more complex systems such as molecules.  

We have created the poster of their 2017 edition inspired by the idea of studying something by looking it at different scales. We used a pixelated picture of an Alpine mountain (the event site) that can be identified clearly if seen from far away. However, the image becomes pixelated when seen from a close distance, allowing the viewer to understand how the image is composed.


Being a brilliant scientist himself, Daniel was able to quickly grasp the context of the event, and rapidly proposed us various very different possibilities, each with an astute connection to the theme of the conference. One of those ideas quickly turned into the final product, of which we were very satisfied

Pietro Massignan

Associate Prof. at Univ. Politècnica de Catalunya

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