QPlaylearn repositioning

Branding / Web design / illustration / art direction / science dissemination 

Qplaylearn started as a platform for teaching quantum science at all educational levels. After two years, it has expanded into executive training, consultancy, event organisation and other activities around quantum.

We helped QPlaylearn to reposition the company not only as a provider of educational material, but also as a consultant, curator, producer and partner in various projects related to quantum physics and technology.

To this end, the website was reorganised into three main sections focusing on each of the company's target groups: 1) educators, students and the curious, 2) businesses, policy makers and media, 3) artists, curators and cultural managers.

Visually, we have commissioned a new set of collage-based illustrations to represent the quantum concepts to the needs of each of the target audiences. We have also rewritten all texts and improved the navigation of the website, so that now everyone can easily find what they are interested in.


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