Quantum computers and simulators conference

Visual identity  / Poster design / Graphic design / Web design / Quantum technology / Quantum computing / Illustration

QCS was a conference organised by the Institut de Physique Theorique de Paris-Saclay to discuss the use of quantum computers in solving open problems in different areas of physics.

The organisers commissioned us to create a visual identity and develop a series of posters and a website to advertise the event.

Our solution was to create a series of illustrations based on the graphical representation of a C-NOT gate, one of the most important building blocks of a quantum algorithm. Each illustration is related to an area of physics: materials and environmental sciences, biophysics, statistical mechanics, astrophysics and complex systems. As a series, the identity conveys the idea that quantum computing is a useful tool in the investigation of different topics.


Bitflow was very quick in preparing the right publicity material for a lecture series we were organizing at my high school. As a result, as many as a hundred people attended our very specialised talks, a number that exceeded our expectations. Congratulations Bitflow!

Nicolas Sangouard

Principal Researcher at Institut de Physique Théorique

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