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Quantumcat is a network of research groups and startup companies working on quantum technologies in Catalonia (Spain). It’s goal is to support a package of innovation and technology transfer projects on quantum technologies with a short-term or mid-term industrial and social impact. The project is composed by seven academic institutions, two collaborator organizations, and a number of companies.

The identity of Quantumcat is based on crossing lines that represent different points of view coming together to reach a common goal. This abstract elements take the form of the map of Catalunya in the logotype. This suggests the Catalan DNA of Quantumcat, without sounding nationalistic or political.


Bitflow quickly understood the key message that we wanted to transmit and surprised us with his creativity. The final result is a beautiful and versatile identity design that represents every aspect of the quantumcat community. We are very happy with it.

Maria Martí

Knowledge and Technology Trasfer Manager at ICFO

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