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ICFO is the leading physics research center in Spain. They coordinate research projects, involving a variety of complex and disruptive topics on science and technology, in which different international partners from academy and industry participate.

Since 2018 we have been creating logos to give identity to some of these projects. Our approach has been to find simple ways to convey the core concepts that synthesize each project, so that the main message is conveyed and each partner feels represented.


We hired Bitflow to carry out the design a various logos for scientific projects for the institute. Working with them has been a nurturing experience. Daniel's expertise gives added value to the work, since he does not only see the project from a graphic designer's point of view but also from a scientific point of view. His scientific background has allowed him to create logos and carry out the branding that are very well aligned with the research projects since each of these embed the scientific concept/goal/objective within, in some occasions in a very direct and visible way and in others, in subtle but clever approach.

Alina Hirschmann

Corporate Communications at ICFO

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