We are bits

VR / Dance / Art Direction / Concept direction / Self-innitiated project

We are bits is an audiovisual project that combines virtual reality, dance and quantum physics. It consists of an immersive dance show that can be seen with virtual reality glasses, in which the public can even interact with the dancer. Both the dance piece and the virtual reality audiovisual experience designs are based on scientific concepts, more precisely, on a scientific point of view of the concept of Life. The project combines technology (with virtual reality), art (dance and digital art), and science (physics) to create a piece that is both innovative and scientifically accurate artistic experimentation.

We are bits is based on the idea that living organisms are complex machines made up of atoms that interact according to the rules of quantum physics. What defines each concrete being is not the particular atoms that compose it, but the way in which these atoms are organized. In this paradigm, living organisms they are information machines that consume energy to keep the entropy low and keep the information consistent. Aging is the loss of this ability. And death happens when the information is totally lost and the atoms return to the environment.

Concept and art direction: Daniel Cavalcanti (Bitflow).
VR design: Jonathan Frishberg and Pau Benazet (Thalamus Studio).
Choreography: Helena Macruz.
Co-production: QPlayLearn.
Support: Elisava school.

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