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The quantum internet is a proposed new type of internet that would use the principles of quantum physics to transmit information securely and perform advanced quantum computations.

Welinq is a start-up company developing technology to interconnect network quantum computers. Its mission is to enable the quantum Internet and boost quantum computing. They approached us to create a brand identity that could stand out in the quantum technology environment as a fresh and open company capable of providing the missing piece for the deployment of quantum computer networks. 

We started by creating the claim "Providing links to the future", which expresses both the idea that Welinq develops quantum links and that it will enable the future of the quantum technology.

Inspired on the fact that the quantum links are made by light we created a bold symbol W illustrating a reflecting light beam. This was expanded into a graphic language based on the same concept that spreads across print and digital applications.


We would like to give many thanks to Daniel Cavalcanti from Bitflow Studio for who has accompanied us through this introspective journey! What a pleasure to work with a creative graphic designer with such a strong expertise in quantum information science and technology. We could not have expected a better match for understanding our motivations and turning them into a unique identity: our identity.

Tom Darras

CEO of Welinq

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